LED High Bay Light

LED High Bay Light

Get rid of your HID, metal-halide, high-pressure sodium lamps and replace them with better, brighter and more efficient UFO LED high bay lights.

  • MEANwell


  • Philips

    LED Chips

  • 130LM/W


  • 7 YEARS


  • >75


  • 65


  • 60° / 90° / 110°

    Beam Angle

  • 2700K / 4500K / 5700K


Wide Range Wattage –  LED High Bay Fixtures

NCT brings you LED high bay lights with a wide array of range wattage: 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W,150W, and 200W, 250W. These can be used in a variety of high-ceiling applications in places like workshops, factories, warehouses, halls, and so on.

Wide Range Wattage

Precision Lighting Distribution

Reach various installation heights with rotational symmetry.The PC lens is designed to enable better distribution of light. Over 95% light transmittance can be expected from this design.This not only provides you with better light, but also reduces electricity consumption and cost.Choose from among 3 beam, and one clear glass len, one frosted glass len angles – 60° (8m to 10m), 90° (6m to 8m) and 110° (5m to 6m) – for use with different applications and installation heights.

Precision Lighting Distribution
  • 60°

    8 – 10m

  • 90°

    6 – 8M

  • 110°

    5 – 6m

Best Material And Treatment Process

The LED high bay fixtures are made of diecasting aluminum, which makes them more professional designstructural compared to other fixtures. This, in turn, brings down the cost of shipping to any part of the world. They also give high thermal performance.

Thermal Performance

The metal used to make the heat sink is aluminum. The holes facilitate unhindered air circulation from outside to inside,thereby improving the LED high bay’s thermal output. When it comes to the thermal conductivity, it is 1.5 times higher compared to other types of aluminum. This goes a long way in controlling the light’s temperature and improving its longevity.

Thermal Performance

LED Chips By Cree / Lumileds

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