LED Street Light


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LED Street Light
  • MEANwell


  • Philips – LED Gas Station Light

    LED Chips

  • 70+


  • 66


  • 135LM/W


  • 5 Years


  • 2700K-6500K


  • 900


Save Smart With LED Replacement

LED Street Light fixtures can help save more energy and require less maintenance compared to traditional metal halide lights. By replacing high-pressure sodium streetlights and fluorescent lights, you can be assured of getting maximum returns on investment.

Save Smart With LED Replacement

Multiple Wattage Options

Depending on your requirement and/or application, take your pick from our 20W/30W/50W/100W/150W/200W/250W/300W LED street lights which also come with 7 years guarantee! Need assistance in selecting the apt wattage? We will assist you in taking the right decision with a free consultation!

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Multiple Wattage Options

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining LED lights is a breeze. You can then check and replace the driver without any technical proficiency by pushing the spring sheets and opening the lower cover when the lights are out of order.

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Easy Maintenance

PHILIPS LED Chips – LED Post Top Light

Philips LED is LM80 approved. It’s known for offering maximum efficiency and a long life.
It ‘s available in two color temperatures 5700K (Pure White) with CRI70 or CRI>80 and 4000K (Warm White).


High-Efficiency Heat Dissipation

LED Street Lights is made from aluminum and offers high-efficiency heat dissipation due to air exchange in the body. This ensures that the LEDs and the driver operate at a low temperature during operation and can last anywhere from 7 years to up to 10 years!

High-Efficiency Heat Dissipation

Optical Lens

Optical PC lens present in the street lights provides a high-transmittance of >95%. At the sametime, they reflect most of the light and reduce the attrition rate. You can also customize the beam angle. The lights source and the lens have a distance of less than 0.55mm, which ensures that the loss ratio is <6%.

These are some professional variants, which meets different
requirements and applications.

Optical Lens
Optical PC lens

Smart Lighting Service – CCIOT

Our intelligent and smart LED street lighting options are sustainable choices for our clients, which pave the way for the future. Opt for NCT CCIOT LED street lighting systems today and get versatile options, which are easy to manage, maintain and monitor on a regular basis. You can get a ultimate
lighting control experience with CCIOT Software Suite.

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Smart Lighting Service - CCIOT

NCT Lighting Services for Roads and Streets

We offer complete service and solutions for shaping cities of the future..

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