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GSM/Zigbee Control – Smart LED Street Light

Individual lighting management through GSM/Zigbee technology

Wireless control is typical for those networks in which lights are powered independently, not from single source or cabinet. Apparently, in this case surely you may not control lights through existing power line, but there is still option CCIOT has to offer:Zigbee or GSM.

ZigBee/ GSM Solution

Control your lights individually directly
connect them to server and software through GSM/ZigBee

Versions with open wires and NEMA plug
Waterproof case IP65
Individual lighting control without additional wires
Embedded light sensor
Embedded light sensor
Embedded GPS/ZigBee receiver
Embedded track for load switching on/off
Scheduled on/off and dimming
Automatic node positioning on the map
Motion sensor input


Node-decentralized wireless management system for territories with high density of buildings or mountainous terrain, and for regions where legislation prohibits to use radio transmission. Each node has built-in GSM and connects directly to the server: The are programmed straight from software without any sort of intermediate gateway. Node takes advantage of the existing GSM network, which allow a quicker and easier deployment.

Just Install and Control it

street lighting control

Instant Activation

Nodes are equipped with chip or ID to locate themselves on the map automatically. Once the location is identified, each node instantly connects to the CCIOT server using the existing network to send status data and receive commands.

Universally Compatible

Complete with NEMA compatible plugs or leads, each node can be installed on any existing or new lighting fixture, with no limit of model or manufacturer.

PLC Control

Individual lighting management via existing power line through PLC technology

The most intelligent solution providing maximum flexibility in management and energy economy for cabinet-based network. Supports both non-dimmable HPS or driverless LED) and dimmable (DALI, 1-10V, PWM) lamps.


Controllers installed into lighting cabinet to provide remote lighting control for all components

PLC Nodes

PLC control nodes integrated into drivers of lighting fixtures or mounted on poles


Remote control & diagnostics software for street lighting

PLC Solutions

Individual lighting management through PLC technology
Wireless control node at each luminaire
CCIOT Software
Remote control & diagnostics software for street lighting

We recommend PLC solution if:

Radio control is prohibited by state regulations Radio connection is hindered by some physical physical obstacles that cannot be avoided Street-light luminaire design forbids installation of 13 cm protruding antenna of radio module (decorative luminaires, historic significance)


PLC is a technology for remote and status data transmission via 230V AC power line developed by NCT. The PLC system is a great platform for Smart City and Internet of Thing applications, providing a stable communication with the different types of fixtures connected to the power line that require permanent attention from the operator/supervisor. PLC complies with European Standard CENELEC EN 50065-1, and user narrow-band modulation in C-band. Each electric device connected to the power line is equipped with filtering inductances to avoid signal suppression. PLC signal network is decoupled from the rest of the power distribution system using  appropriate filtering inductances as will.

CCIOT provides half-duples,”master-slave” communication between one central gateway (master) and a number of nodes (slaves). Every node has unique number, which allow the gateway to address each one of them individually. The gateway also creates a network of nodes connected to the same power line by continuously polling nodes for their status and sending commands to an individual node, group of nodes or to the entire network. In case the power line used by a CCIOT gateway control is too long or noisy, certain nodes may retransmit signal from the central gateway to distant nodes and back providing a stable communication across the entire network.

Just Install and Control it

street lighting control

3 options for Simpline Node installation:

PLC Node

Technical characteristics – PLC control node
Housing – Solid AL case, IP65
Operating temperature–40…+700C
Input Voltage – ~100-265 VAC, 50/60Hz
Connectors- Leads, Screw terminals
Sendors -Motion sensor input
Control output interface- 1-10V, DALI, PWM or Discrete output Communication with
Settings- Remote via CCIOT

Group Control + Dimming

Affordable energy-effective solution to control and monitor both retrofit and LED lights

Future Proof: Great option to start connecting city lights, easily upgradable by just adding additional modules over existing ones. An easy and affordable way to connect your luminaires into a single system.

Fast Payback

Starts saving maintenance costs and providing better lighting form the first year of implementation.

Easy Retrofit

Works simultaneously for retrofit HPS and new LED luminaires.

Low Maintenance Costs

With only a few central controllers installed into power cabinets, the control room is always aware of lighting performance.

Group Control + Dimming

Street lighting management optimization and energy saving for traditional lighting system

On/off scheduling
Independent dimming of each phase
Powerline voltage stabilization
Data collection from electric meter
Increases lamp buring hours
Easy retrofit

Reliable and Affordable

Philippines, driving from StarMall Alabang along Metro Manila Skyway

15,000+ light are controlled by NCT CCIOT street lighting Control Internet of Thing in order to bring efficiency, economy, and better illumination in
street lighting sector of Manila City. The project old HPSV and CFL street lights have been converted to LEDs and then networked with our CCIOT as part of the jointly elaborated street lighting management program.

The Group Control solution is easily upgradable at a second stage of street lighting development into an even smarter individual control system simply by adding PLC or ZigBee control modules to the existing CCIOT. CCIOT is saving in Manila over 250,000 USD per year by proper lighting management and maintenance savings.

The Group Control solution has been chosen for a faster, city-wide control system implementation. CCIOT developed the deployment plan and installed over 700 control modules into power cabinets around Manila to switch luminaire groups on and off according to the set scenario. CCIOT provided analytic tools to lamp failures and power shortages around the city. Relay control has been proven as the most affordable and easily implemented solutions to take command of the lighting in rapidly developing urban communities.

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Click here to download the CCIT Software Center installer for Windows. This application can be used to download and install software like eduroam wireless, Microsoft Office, and Matlab onto your Windows laptop or desktop.

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