Solar LED Street Lighting System

Get the best of the breakthrough technology for a convenient and a sustainable way to light your space and that too with minimum investment and maintenance.

Solar LED Street Lighting System
Solar Led Street Light

Solar Led Street Light

NCT presents the best quality street lighting and power system that aptly meets your needs. For each of the project system design, NCT considers the location along with detailed lighting design requirements.

Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery Solar street light with battery

We adopt best quality level A LiFePO4 battery pack which batter cells up to 3500ma/3.2V in ourlights. LiFePO4 battery has up to 1500 times charging cycle times, while lead-acid about 300-400 times. 18650 (3.7V/2200ma) batter cells also could be provided as per customized.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

MPPT Solar Charge Controller – Integrated solar LED street light

The charge controller acts as the voltage regulator. Its primary function is to carry the energy from solar panels to the batteries with apt voltage level. This component prevents situations like overcharging of batteries, short-circuiting and helps block the reverse currents.

Gel battery

Gel BatterySolar Powered LED street lighting

Use it in a wide range of ambient temperatures and be assured of consistent performance with constant power input. It possesses a longer lifecycle, is highly efficient and has a depth of discharge in the long term.

Lead-acid / Gel battery or Lithium battery, both types of battery we are designing for different areas all over the world, not only reliable products but also cost-efficient.

Solar Panel


Years Lifespan

18.5% – 20%

Conversion Ratio


Power Output After 10 Years


Waterproof Rate

-400C ~ 850C

Operation Temperature


Different Solar Panel for Option

solar panel

LED Street Light Fixture

Get 20W-300W fixtures for Solar LED Street Lighting System, which include standard Cobrahead fixtures and architectural style fixtures or any other models. Each of these fixtures offers optimum lighting levels as well as distribution pattern giving rise to a perfect lighting solution that meets all the requirements of the application.

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Working Modes:

1. Induction sensor mode:
2. Time control mode:
3. Mixed Modes:
4. IOT Modes

IOT (Internet of things), we can control the group lamps through internet on laptop or cellphone.
Specially for big projects of city road lightings. All working status (e.g. on/off, percentage of
brightness, normal/error, power consumption statisticanalysis ) can be monitored.

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