More Savings

Smart street light gives operators the ability to dim street lights and control their runtime by scheduling them to switch on/off as conditions warrant.

Less Maintenance

CCIOT provides accurate status information to operators, enabling them to identify outages immediately. Due to their longer life and automated outage detection, smart LED lamps can avoid up to 90 percent of truck rolls and reduce repair and maintenance costs through more precise maintenance person-dispatch.

Community Recognition

Reduced crime from improved lighting.Safer roadways due to increased visibility of hazards.Measurable environmental impact from reduced power consumption.Improved community view of city services as a result of proactive repairs.

control solutions for both LED and HPS lights with CCIOT

Smart solution for any luminaire

NCT provides control solutions for both LED and HPS lights and connects them within a single platform environment

As per high-pressure sodium lamps with electromagnetic ballasts are still very common, they are gradually being replaced by LED luminaires worldwide. CCIOT provides dimming solutions for both conventional and LED lighting using different technologies, so you have an option to start saving even with old fashioned HPS lamps, in this case, cities are gradually introducing LED lights into infrastructure for years.

Highest savings

Thanks to extreme flexibility and wide range of solutions we are capable to build a project-oriented system and achieve maximum savings


Saving energy budget by proper management, providing better lighting and preserving the environment


Faster response to lamp failures and power shortages around the city. Less truck rolls and more efficient task management

NCT Team managed system deployment planning process exceptionally well and were always prepared to identify challenges that occurred during the project and proactively propose solutions to address them. Equally important is that CCIOT have been always open to adjustments to enhance the flow of progress.

Matt Grech CEO Ozlit

Cooperating with NCT, the partner docking project is timely and the project can be completed on time. I hope to continue cooperation more in my projects.

R.K Tiwari Philippines
All in one flexible platform to provide better, safer and more affordable lighting for smart cities

The Most Flexible

GSM, 3G/GPRS,Zigbee, Ethernet, PLC, even autonomous scheduling

Seamless ntegration

Just plug-and-play devices and keep the same design of your luminaires

Reliability in any Conditions

Short-circuit resistance and over-voltage protection, warranty up to 10 years

Widest Functionality

Light dimmable scheduling, lamp burnout detection, real-time financial savings reports etc.

Advantage of NCT

Professional technology

Dedicated on research and development of LED lighting products & solutions.

Strong supply chain

Based in Shenzhen China, with different partners in Italy, Germany, Philippine, Ukraine, we can we can fast respond your needs, and after-sales requirement.

Reliable products quality

Certificated by third party lab with CE, RoHS, IP65, FCC, C-TICK, LM80, IK10, CB, SABER etc.

Success Stories

10000 controllers, 10000+ km of streets, 12 countries, 18 cities so far


Different Lights, Single Solution

Over 1,200 lights LED lights in Cape Town are switched and dimmed through PLC control according to special saving scenarios. Careful deployment plan and special filtering algorithm made it possible to combine both controlled and uncontrolled lights within a single power line. Old HPS lamps in the side streets are controlled individually together with dimmable LEDs in central avenues.

Shenzhen, China

Reliable and Affordable

15,000+ lights controlled by NCT CCIOT Street Lighting Management System in order to bring efficiency, economy, and better illumination in street lighting sector of Shenzhen City. The project has been executed in agreement with government. Old HPSV and CFL street lights were converted into LEDs and then enhanced by CCIOT within jointly elaborated street lighting management program.


60% Savings, 90% Faster Response

Any occurring failures are immediately reported to the CCIOT platform and noted to operators resulting in 90% faster response to lamp malfunctions. Implementation of CCIOT saved from 30 to 60% in different areas depending on the type of luminaires and applied saving scenarios.

Full Catalogue of Solutions

Click here to download the CCIT Software Center installer for Windows. This application can be used to download and install software like eduroam wireless, Microsoft Office, and Matlab onto your Windows laptop or desktop.

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